Want to Know Who Gets Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, also called striae, can happen to anyone regardless of gender, race or age. There are many causes for these linear scars and most are attributable to rapid weight gain over-stretching and scarring the skin.

Although reasons vary for these dermatological malformations, the one thing all victims share is a sense of shame and consternation by stretch mark formation and appearance.

Even so, there may be very little an individual can do to prevent their development, especially when we consider those who most often get stretch marks and why.

Genetics and Stretch Marks

Researchers have discovered that certain individuals inherit the propensity to develop stretch marks. This means that if Mom and Grandma had them, then you can count on your genetics treating you to stretch marks down the line.

Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

Expectant mothers not only have their health to worry about but also face the real possibility of disfiguring, permanent scars in the form of stretch marks. While some women may get only a few stretch marks during pregnancy, others get these angry slashes all over their abdomens, legs, thighs and buttocks. In some cases they get them around the breast and under arms too.

Weight Gain and Stretch Marks

Individuals who are putting on pounds due to medical conditions of because of a high fat diet and sedentary lifestyle often see stretch marks in or around the same areas as pregnant women. Most notably, both men and women can develop these marks when it comes to rapid weight gain. Also, people with healthy lifestyles such as bodybuilders can get stretch marks if they bulk up too quickly.

Adolescence and Stretch Marks

Even teens are not immune to the creation of stretch marks as some of them will experience stretch marks around the hip and buttock areas during growth spurts.

Who Gets Stretch Marks: Final Word

Nearly all of the above individuals can takes steps to prevent stretch marks. Those who have inherent markers that indicate they are at risk should also take double caution in this regard. However, even with the best of intentions and applied rituals, a person can still get stretch marks.

In that event, a stretch mark cream that is proven to work could be the answer. Don't allow yourself to be at the mercy of skin striae - investigate your options and locate the best stretch mark cream for quick and low cost stretch mark removal.

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