How a Proper Diet Prevents Stretch marks

For years men and women have been told that there is really nothing that can be done to prevent stretch marks. Things like heredity, hormonal imbalances and health conditions that create skin striae can certainly make it appear to be a lost cause. However, studies indicate that those who stay hydrated by drinking lost of water and observe a balanced diet are less prone to develop stretch marks, even if there is genetic predisposition for their development.

These studies reveal that, contrary to what people believe, stretch marks can be prevented.

What Causes Stretch Marks

The loss of elastin and collagen can cause stretch marks. The reason for this loss may be due to medical conditions or a simple tearing of connective tissues beneath the skin. This tearing in turn can also be caused by growth spurts brought on by puberty, pregnancy or simple over eating.

Food that May Prevent Stretch Marks

Foods that are high in vitamins like "E", "A" or omega 3's have been known to help repair the skin and minimize or prevent stretch marks. You can find these items in things like fish, nuts and legumes or basic fruits and veggies.

To truly keep stretch marks from occurring, stay away from animal fats, junk food and diet and regular sodas. These unhealthy food items can actually increase harmful skin conditions that exaggerate or provoke stretch marks.

Can Eating Well Avoid Stretch Marks?

Eating foods that are high in vitamins and nutrients is beneficial to skin heath. When the skin is healthy, it can repair itself should damage occur. Skin also maintains elasticity and collagen production when the proper vitamin balances are achieved and stabilized. This can keep the connective tissues elastic and pliable, preventing stretch marks from forming.

There are many great reasons why eating right can help the body, the facts of which cannot be understated. Happily, the added byproduct of this endeavor is healthier skin and a complexion that glows with radiance and vitality.

I Didn't Prevent My Stretch Marks... Now What?

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