Stretch Marks from Genetics

One of the most surprising things that people learn about stretch marks is that they could be hereditary. This means that the propensity to develop skin striae on any area of the body can have a genetic cause. Sadly, this could also mean that stretch marks may be hard to prevent for those with a predisposition for them.

Stretch Marks

This doesn't make a person suffering from stretch marks feel all that great, but they can take heart in the fact that this dermal tearing is reversible. There are many products currently on the market that can remove even hereditary stretch marks.

Locating these products is not easy, but once you find one that works, you'll have a ready product in your arsenal that can remove any new stretch marks before they set in. To ferret out what works best, you must first educate yourself on how stretch marks are caused.

Causes of Stretch Marks

When genetics are the catalysts for stretch marks, they are most often brought about by hormonal surges. These surges can sometimes prompt fat or muscle growth which can overwhelms the skin causing it to stretch and rip. It may also target certain proteins in the skin that support skin cell function.

The tearing then occurs due to a depletion of elastin and collagen. This collapse destroys the connective tissues of the skin which is manifested as scarring on the upper levels of the dermis.

Stretch Mark Cream

The right stretch mark cream addresses the reasons for scarring and tearing. It can get beneath the top layers of the skin to moisturize and hydrate this vital organ, facilitating repair. The best stretch mark cream should also address the causes of scar tissue. Once the latter issue is addressed, stretch marks would be removed for good.

Yes, with the numerous cosmeceutical advancements available today, even those who are born to get stretch marks can combat them with the use of a tried and true stretch mark cream! Read our stretch mark cream reviews.

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