Stretch Marks Caused by Growth Spurts

Adolescence is an awkward time in life and can be hallmarked by acne and severe hormonal imbalances. Stretch marks may also occur during this time.

What is a Growth Spurt?

A growth spurt is when a young boy or girl experiences a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time. People often say that it can happen over night but this is truly not the case. However, it can occur quick enough that the connective layers beneath the skin rupture and tear, which is how the stretch marks develop.

Stretch Marks

No matter how or when they develop however, stretch marks can be distressing. Luckily, because there is a centralized cause, nearly all stretch marks can be removed if one utilizes the correct tools.

Causes of Stretch Marks

There is some debate as to what the actual cause of growth spurt related stretch marks is. Although one can be in little doubt that the skin had to quickly accommodate more mass because of this growth, scientists point to the fact that not all adolescents obtain these marks. These researchers indicate that hormones could be responsible for this type of skin striae.

Girls with Stretch Marks

These arguments come as very little consolation, especially for girls who may be more prone to anxiety of their appearance.Luckily there are many beneficial stretch mark creams available for teenagers who wish to eliminate or mitigate the appearance of these scars.

Stretch Mark Cream

Not all stretch mark creams are made alike, so if your daughter or son wishes to reduce the appearance of stretch marks do your homework.

Despite claims to the contrary by proponents of laser surgery stretch mark removal, there are creams that will work to get rid of stretch marks, sometimes permanently. A thorough search will uncover a cream that will do the job. Give your teen the ability to feel good about themselves by purchasing the best stretch mark cream on the market for their growth spurt related stretch marks today!

We tested all the leading stretch mark removal creams. See which ones are most effective for stretch mark removal and which creams are a waste of money.

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