Laser Surgery Stretch Mark Removal

Laser surgery is on the cutting edge of technology. Not only can it create exact and precise incisions during a medical operation, the high impulse emissions can be used cosmetically as well.

In the field of cosmetic enhancement, lasers are being used for acne, tattoos, hyperpigmentation and even wrinkle removal.

Laser surgery can also remove unwanted scars, including those caused by stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Treatment

As a stretch mark removal treatment, laser surgery is an interesting alternative. What most people don't know is that laser surgery will usually take several sessions before you notice any improvements. These treatment sessions can cost anywhere from $1,000-$1,500 per. Another little known fact is that the procedure may not work at all. Lasers can also cause burning, reddening and discoloration.

Seems like an awful lot of money and potential risk for something that may not work.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Many men and women with stretch marks flock to cosmetic surgeon's offices hoping to get rid of the unattractive skin striae that is making them feel self conscience. One has to wonder why this is the case, when there are extremely viable, less expensive alternatives out there.

When asked, most will state that they like the idea of getting rid of their stretch marks quickly. What they don't understand is that laser stretch mark removal can take several sessions, sometimes 10-12, before real results occur - this means that laser removal is not a quick fix at all. Laser removal works best on stretch marks that are new and still red on people with fair skin. Laser stretch mark removal is less effective for older stretch marks on dark tans or dark pigmentation.

Best Stretch Mark Cream

Time and time again, clinical research has proven that a reliable stretch mark cream can facilitate stretch mark removal. Stretch mark cream can also do this rather quickly, sometimes in as little to six to eight weeks.

If you really want to get rid of your stretch marks and wish to do it safely and affordably, look online to find the best stretch mark cream available. There are many companies that manufacturer a great product and with a little investigation, you can find a stretch mark cream that will aid you in your goal of stretch mark removal.

We tested all the leading stretch mark removal creams. See which ones are most effective for stretch mark removal and which creams are a waste of money.

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