What Are Striae?


Striae are the linear scars on the surface of the dermis that are often called stretch marks. These marks can develop for a whole host of reasons, but the most common catalysts are:

  1. Heredity and genetics
  2. Pregnancy or childbirth
  3. Adolescent growth spurts
  4. Sudden weight gain
  5. Medical conditions
  6. Certain types of pharmaceuticals

Men and women who develop these scars often feel self conscious about them. Depending on their severity, skin striae can leave an individual feeling withdrawn and unattractive.

Striae stretch marks

These general feelings of unease may be brought about by the location of the scars, which generally appear around the abdomen, legs, thighs buttons and under arms.

Although the medical establishment tends to brush aside the complaints of those who suffer from skin striae, emotional well being is just as important and physical well being. People like to feel and look good - it is hard to feel that way when there are discolored striations running along the skin.

There is however, something that can be done!

Striae Treatment

Today a person need not suffer from the embarrassment of easily seen and abundant skin striae as there are numerous treatments that can help with permanent stretch mark removal.

Of course, the most touted and expensive form of treatment is laser surgery, but even those who have utilized this treatment say that they are not very satisfied with the results. This is largely due to the fact that there are a number of factors that can hamper results, including the age of the stretch marks - newer stretch mark are easier to remove - and the patient's skin pigmentation - stretch marks are easier to remove from fair skin. Not to mention the fact that stretch mark removal via laser surgery is very expensive.

The best striae treatments are cost effective and work quickly. This is why one should look into purchasing a good stretch mark cream.

A viable striae cream will work as promised and provide permanent results. It will also put you in the driver seat of your own treatment. If you truly wish to defeat skin striae, find the best stretch mark cream on the market and take control of your beauty destiny.

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