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We've all seen stretch marks, and we all know we don't like them. But what causes stretch marks? A few of the most common causes of these unsightly marks include pregnancy, obesity, sudden weight gain, and growth spurts. In the simplest of terms, the middle layer of skin stretches past its limit, and as a result, stretch marks form.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of stretch mark removal methods available. This means you don't have to live with a body you can't stand. However, you need to remember that not all stretch mark removal options are equal. That's why we've come up with this review of the most popular methods available. By studying this, you'll be able to find the best stretch mark elimination program for your needs.

Stretch Mark Removal Costs

Stretch mark removal costs range from affordable to highly expensive. It all depends upon the method you end up choosing. For example, best stretch mark removal creams can be found for well under $100. Laser stretch mark removal, on the other hand, can cost at least $5,000 to completely get rid of those lines.

Best Stretch Mark Removal Products

Saying which product is best is highly subjective, and it varies depending upon the person. However, the best stretch mark removal products for the price are stretch mark removal creams. Not only do the top of the line creams get rid of stretch marks as good as surgery does, but they're affordable at almost any budget. For this reason, we always recommend a stretch mark removal cream to someone looking for an affordable, reliable treatment.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Is there anything that a laser can't cure these days? Laser stretch mark removal is the latest treatment method for unattractive skin marks. While this procedure is highly effective, the truth is it costs too much for most individuals. Laser stretch mark removal simply doesn't fit within the average family budget.

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Because laser stretch mark removal is so expensive, we recommend trying a stretch mark removal cream. The cream gives you all the same results as laser surgery at a fraction of the price. Why pay more for the same results? Simply use the cream daily, and watch the stretch marks fade away. Learn more about the best stretch mark removal creams today: read our reviews.

We tested all the leading stretch mark removal creams. See which ones are most effective for stretch mark removal and which creams are a waste of money.

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