Tips for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

Let's face it; absolutely nobody likes to see stretch marks and everybody wants to get rid of them. Fortunately for us all, there are a number of products on the market today to help women with stretch mark removal and prevent them from every appearing again. From special simple fruit juice and creams to special stretches and surgeries, folks can explore their options to get rid of stretch marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

In the new millennium, laser surgery creates exact and precise incisions for deleting unwanted stretch marks on both men and women. To notice any improvements with stretch marks, laser surgery will usually take several sessions, sometimes up to a dozen. And each of these sessions run between $1,000 and $5,000. There are also risks involved with hiding stretch marks, such as burning and discoloration of one's skin. Using laser removal to get rid of stretch marks is the most effective with fair skinned people rather than on dark tans.

Before laser treatments, a patient will be given stretch mark cream to use before and after the procedure. After all, the best way to get rid of stretch marks is with a good cream. The price is right as the best stretch mark creams do the job safely and quickly in as little as six to eight weeks. These stretch mark creams heal the deeper layers of the skin, where collagen and supporting tissue has been torn.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home

Many people try expensive pills and oils in a disappointing effort to remove skin marks. Besides white vinegar to restore skin, lime juice may be an effective home remedy to get rid of stretch marks when it's mixed with ingredients like dandelion leaves, aloe vera, rosehips and oatmeal.

A lemon can get rid of stretch marks because of three factors:

  1. The bleaching of the skin camouflages the stretch marks
  2. Lemons contain components similar to alpha Hydroxy that are known to aid skin repair
  3. The Vitamin C found in Citrus juice helps repair the connective tissues beneath the skin's surface

The Best Stretch Mark Cream

You can lose your stretch marks with a cream like Revitagen, Barmon and Dermectin. Each stretch mark cream actively rejuvenates collagen and elastin thereby eradicating the damage that creates upper dermal scarring. Folks can see the difference of the stretch mark cream within weeks. Just find the right cream, and you can take your shorts out of the drawer. You no longer have to live with stretch mark if you don't want to. Read our stretch mark cream reviews.

We tested all the leading stretch mark removal creams. See which ones are most effective for stretch mark removal and which creams are a waste of money.

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